VertecBio™ DLR is a high-powered, environmentally friendly D-Limonene alternative. With a significantly lower price point and excellent ability to cut through oily materials, adhesive, and inks, this bio-based solvent is the best option for your industrial, pharmaceutical, or chemical needs. The pleasant piney aroma and uncompromising strength makes it ideal for parts cleaning and degreasing. Review the full product specifications by clicking on our product bulletin or continue reading below.

Product Bulletin

What is d-Limonene and Why are Alternatives Necessary?

D-limonene is generally touted as a safe and effective product. However, it is also incredibly difficult and expensive to make, resulting in an extremely unpredictable and inflated price point. That volatility can wreak havoc on cost management efforts for your business, potentially throwing off entire budgets, or forcing you to cut important costs elsewhere.

VertecBio DLR is uniquely suited to act as a d-Limonene alternative for even the most dependent of facilities and businesses so you never have to worry about the cost of your bio-based solvents again.

Best Uses for our d-Limonene Alternative

  • VertecBio DLR is a powerful parts cleaner and degreasing replacement
  • Excellent ability to clean oily materials, adhesives, and inks
  • Exceptional performance in formulations involving ink cleaners, adhesive removers, hand wipes, paint strippers, and graffiti removers
  • Highly economic alternative to the citrus- based d-Limonene

Usage and Environmental Benefits

In addition to delivering significantly lower (and more stable) pricing when compared to d-Limonene, DLR provides the following benefits:

  • Pleasant pine odor.
  • Not listed as ozone depleting chemical (ODC), hazardous air pollutant (HAP) or SARA 313 reportable
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved - no ozone depleting chemicals
  • Safe, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic
  • No environmentally hazardous ingredients
  • 100 percent biodegradable
  • Not listed on California Proposition 65

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