Improve Your Application Process With Vertec BioSolvents

At Vertec BioSolvents Inc., we continuously look for ways to improve our product line and add value for our customers. We look for ways to add efficiency to your processes. Contact us to find out more about our product line and what might be right for your use.

  1. VertecBio Citrus adopted by major applicators for coatings and paints line flush.
  2. Low odor biosolvent blends available for a wide range of applications.
  3. VertecBio EL replaces NMP for roof coatings formulations.
  4. Major printing ink manufacturer commercializes 'Green' ink formulations using VertecBio products.
  5. California company commercializes plastics recycling process using VertecBio Solvents.

Intellectual Property

Vertec BioSolvents invests in research and development of our products and processes. Our value is our technology and people that create the value in our products and applications. We depend on our customers to apply this value in the products and applications that make our customers more productive and profitable. Vertec BioSolvents has seven issued patents in solvent blends and applications.

  1. U.S. Patent 6,096,699, Environmentally Friendly Solvent, Issued 8/1/2000. (VertecBio Gold)
  2. U.S. Patent 6,191,087 B1, Environmentally Friendly Solvent, Issued 2/20/2001. Also European Patent # 0944575 B1. (VertecBio Gold)
  3. U.S. Patent 6,284,720 B1, Environmentally Friendly Ink Cleaning Preparation, Issued 9/4/2001. (VertecBio Gold Ink Zapper)
  4. U.S. Patent 6,797,684 B2, Biosolvent Composition of Lactate Ester and D-Limonene with Improved Cleaning and Solvating Properties, issued 9/28/2004. (VertecBio Citrus)
  5. U.S. Patent 6,890,893, Low Odor Composition for Lactate Ester and other Ester Biosolvents, issued 2/28/2005.
  6. Application # 11/781,450, Composition of Lactate Esters With Alcohols With Low Odor and Enhanced Performance, filed 7/24/2007. (VertecBio ELSol, etc.)

Two applications are pending:

  1. Application # 11/300,183, Liquid Formulation for Plant Growth Regulators, filed 12/14/2005. (VertecBio AG Blend - EL104)
  2. Application # 11/781,450, Composition of Lactate Esters With Alcohols With Low Odor and Enhanced Performance, filed 7/24/2007. (VertecBio ELSol, etc.)

Biosolvent Technologies Improve Industrial Processes

Vertec Biosolvents Inc. produces environmentally friendly and powerful alternatives to petroleum-based solvents. Our products perform at the highest standards for a variety of industries and applications.

We are always experimenting with the latest technologies to create solvents that better serve our customers' needs.

Paint Line Cleaning Technology

An independent report prepared for the U.S. Airforce by NCI Information Systems Inc. ranked two bio-based solvents from Vertec Biosolvents Inc. among the best materials for paint line cleaning performance. The study field-tested 33 commercially available paint line cleaners, and evaluated physical characteristics and cleaning performance.

VertecBio Citrus, VertecBio Gold, and a product that contained glycol ethers and NMP (both considered hazardous) emerged on top.

Low Odor Biosolvents for Multiple Applications

Vertec BioSolvents Inc. has achieved a major breakthrough in lactate ester technology. Lactate esters have always been highly effective, but minimally used due to strong characteristic odor. At Vertec, we discovered that blending lactate esters with certain specific alcohols can overcome the odor and tolerance issues that inhibited its use.

This technology breakthrough expands potential for further application of bio-based solvents as replacement for petrochemical solvents. Some potential applications for this breakthrough include precision cleaning of critical metal or composite parts in the electronics or aircraft industries.

High Performance Bio-Based Solvents for Digital Inks

A major manufacturer of digital inkjet printing inks replaced several toxic, petroleum-based solvents in their formulations with our high-performance, bio-based solvents. This manufacturer was able to commercialize the product after successful tests and approvals.


  • Replace cyclohexanone, n-methyl pyrrolidone and other solvents in formulations.
  • High solvency for pigments, resins and other components.
  • Good penetration for vinyl and other substrates.
  • Moderate evaporation rate (0.22 on BuAc = 1 scale).
  • Flash point over 145o F eliminates OSHA flammable liquid compliance.

Biosolvents For Plastic Recycling

Recycling plastics using biosolvents as alternatives to petroleum-based solutions can result in recycled plastics safe enough for use in food and drink packaging. A recycling plant using VertecBio EL would not need any special waste permits, further reducing operating cost.