Hand Sanitizer

VertecBio™ Hand Sanitizer offers a patent pending, high strength formula, and exclusive ability to kill 99.99+% bacteria on your hands. It conditions your skin with an anti-aging, cosmetic/skin care industry approved recipe. It future-proofs the cleanliness of your hands with it's game-changing bacteriostatic properties that provides prolonged germ resistance. And it does all of this with 98% bio-derived, zero water formula, meaning that, not only is VertecBio™ Hand Sanitizer an innovative, effective product, but it allows for an environmental peace of mind that every user can feel good about.

Best Uses

  • Ethanol is a known bactericide, but on its own it evaporates and is not persistent, but when combined with Lactate it becomes persistent, even with water dilution, providing extended bacteriostatic activity on the skin.
  • Contains Lactates used in many cosmetic skin treatment products
  • Provides skin conditioning , anti-aging, and a fast drying, smooth feel
  • A cleaner, more even feel when applying product
  • Contains Vitamin E and other beneficial additives

Usage and Environmental Benefits

  • Due to high concentration, less product is needed per use
  • Zero Water Formula
  • 100% renewable resources
  • Ingredients from 98% bio-derived substances
  • MiniTox™ Test Results were conducted at a certified testing lab
  • At a 5% concentration the formulation controlled the growth of Salmonella Choleraesuis and at a 2.5% concentration slowed its growth rate.
  • At a 10% concentration the formulation controlled the growth of Listeria Monocytogenis and at a 5% concentration slowed its growth rate.

Hard Surface Sanitizer

VertecBio™ Hard Surface Sanitizer, with its patented, bio-based formula, offers the ability to kill 99.99+% of bacteria on any surface (even porous ones), cut through grease, grime, and food waste, and protect the well-being of others with persistent, bacteriostatic properties, that control and slow the growth of bacteria even after cleaning, and in long term storage. These completely renewable based claims, independently tested at 3rd party laboratories, provide extraordinary cleaning and anti-bacterial solutions that satisfy the Green House Gas Reduction imperative demanded by most industrial or institutional environments, making it the perfect cleaning choice for everything from sports centers to food and agro-related industries.

Best Uses

  • Tough industrial and institutional clean up
  • Easily cleans carbohydrate, protein and fat based substances
  • Washable with water
  • Provides Bacteriostatic persistence even after dilution
  • Inhibits future biofilm growth during long term storage
  • At 10% dilution the growth of Listeria Monocytogenis and Salmonella Choleraesuis is controlled
  • At 5% dilution the growth rate of Listeria Monocytogenis and Salmonella Choleraesuis is slowed significantly.

Usage and Environmental Benefits

  • 100% plant-derived solvent
  • The product bio-degrades into carbon dioxide and water after use
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested to kill 99.99+% of bacteria
  • Meets green house gas imperative standards

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Vertec BioSolvents also formulates another hard surface sanitizer: VertecBio™Clean ECO-Solv