How Ethyl Lactate Manufacturers are Helping Businesses Replace Millions of Tons of Toxic Solvents

Wed January 13, 2021

From paint and adhesive removers to ink cleaners and more, the world relies heavily on affordable and effective solvents. Unfortunately, many of these most useful solvents are also extremely volatile and dangerous to use, for both our employees and our planet. An alternative solution is needed, and ethyl lactate manufacturers are more than prepared to provide one.

Made from an esterification reaction of ethyl alcohol and lactic acid (the main acid found in milk and even soy sauce), ethyl lactate is both environmentally benign and safe enough to serve as an approved food additive. Naturally occurring and fully biodegradable, this substitute is now economically feasible enough to replace many of the world’s most toxic and volatile solvents. Here, we will explain why you should consider making the switch to ethyl lactate for the betterment of your business, your employee health, and the wellbeing of the world.


With proper ventilation and protective clothing, ethyl lactate solvent blends are much safer alternatives for your employees. Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, ethyl lactate has been determined as safe for use in cosmetics by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Assessments and even as a flavor additive too as an FCC Natural Grade Product.

While improper use can result in irritation of the eyes, ethyl lactate does not come with the reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity found with the traditional solvents used. Ethyl lactate is not listed on California’s Proposition 65, which requires businesses to provide warnings about chemicals which cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


The safety benefits of ethyl lactate do not end with your workers. This helpful ingredient can also help keep our planet and environments safe. 100 percent biodegradable, ethyl lactate solvents have no environmentally hazardous ingredients, and are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s List 4A, which recognizes these products as safe for use in all pesticide products. In short, there are a whole slew of environmental benefits you can expect to reap upon integration.


Originally, ethyl lactate was so expensive to produce that it simply was not an economical option for many businesses. However, that has since changed. Engineers have been able to reduce the cost of manufacturing ethyl lactate solvent blends, making it just as cheap as many of the solvents it is capable of replacing. If potential increased costs have been preventing you from making the switch, you no longer face that obstacle. Today, many tons of solvents have already been replaced with ethyl lactate alternatives, and that number is set to increase further as more businesses make the switch.

Make the Switch to Better Solvents with Vertec

Increased safety standards for employees and the environment, improved effectiveness, and all at the same cost you already pay – there is much about ethyl lactate to enjoy. At Vertec Biosolvents, we want to help you make the switch to ethyl lactate and ethyl lactate solvent blends in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible.

You can learn more about our line of ethyl lactate products by visiting our website or contact our team directly for further information. We will be happy to help you make the right purchase for your needs or learn more about any of our high-powered, bio-solvent options. In either case, we look forward to communicating further.

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