Who Uses Vertec BioSolvents?

Vertec BioSolvents' Solutions are used for a many agricultural and industrial applications. Usage is not limited to the context below. Vertec BioSolvents' products can be creatively applied wherever petroleum-based solvents are used.

Our innovative Research & Development Team are committed to creating and supplying Green-Based Technologies to answer the needs of the market.

Applications for our Bio Based Solvent Solutions include:


Our biosolvents can be used to safely improve agricultural growing environments. They are used for the formulation of environmentally friendly herbicides, pesticides, and growth enhancers. Our bio-based agricultural products include:

  • EPA approved 4A Inert Solvents, VertecBio EL Ethyl Lactate and VertecBio BL Butyl Lactate
  • VertecBio Citrus
  • VertecBio Gold
  • VertecBio AG Blend EL-104

Coatings and Paints

We create biosolvents that are a highly effective and environmentally friendly method for paint gun and line flush cleanings. They serve as effective high-solid, Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) free "green" coatings. Our bio-based products for coatings and paints include:

  • VertecBio ELSOL blends for high performance, low odor coatings and formations
  • VertecBio Citrus for top-rated, no HAPs paint gun and line flush cleaning.
  • VertecBio EL


Our biosolvents can be used in the formation of an environmentally friendly ink. Our no-HAP solvents offer excellent adhesion and drying characteristics. Our best printing ink products include:

  • VertecBio ELSOL blends for high performance, low odor ink formulations
  • VertecBio EL and VertecBio BL
  • VertecBio Gold for slower drying rate

Other Applications

Wherever petroleum-based solvents are used, there is a biobased, renewable resource alternative available from Vertec BioSolvents. Your creativity makes the possibilities endless.

Do you have a usage for our biosolvent products in one of the categories above, or another potential usage?
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