Solvent Users Look to Replace NMP Solvents

Tue November 3, 2020

solvent users look to replace NMP solvents
In 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a usage ban for N-Methyl pyrrolidone, also known as NMP due to its classification as a developmental toxicant. Primarily used in paint strippers, coatings, and adhesives, NMP is still widely used as the proposal was shelved under pressure. However, more solvent users are continuing to replace NMP solvents on their own, making powerful and cost-effective alternatives even more important. Below, we will explore a few of the options and why you should consider them as viable replacements for your NMP solvents.

The Possible Health Impacts of NMP

Short-Term Acute Exposure

Developmental toxicity, including miscarriage or stillbirths are major risks involved with just a single day of exposure to NMP according to 11,300 pregnant consumers and 160 pregnant workers face an increased risk of fetal death from exposure to NMP each year according to EPA estimations. Exposures can also adversely impact future pregnancies and children.

Skin, eye, and respiratory irritation are also possible impacts.

Long-Term Chronic Exposure 

  • Body weight reductions
  • Kidney toxicity
  • Liver toxicity
  • Reproductive toxicity
  • Neurotoxicity

Are Other Groups Also Trying to Phase Out NMP? 


While the EPA has delayed action on NMP solvents, many top retailers are working to halt the sale of these products. For example, Lowe’s and The Home Depot stopped selling paint strippers with NMP in 2018 and Sherwin-Williams no longer carries products with NMP. Additionally, the European Union currently places NMP on its restricted substance list.

Alternatives to Replace NMP Solvents 


First on our list of NMP alternatives is VertecBio ELSOL NMPR. This solvent is 100 percent biodegradable, safe, and non-carcinogenic. It includes no environmentally hazardous ingredients, no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), or other harmful substances. It is also incredibly well suited for replacing NMP in cleaning applications.

VertecBio ELSOL NMPR is also especially effective for cleaning polyurethanes and as a solvent for paints, coatings, and ink formulations. View all the product specifications by clicking the button below.


Vertec Bio ELSOL NMPRx3

VertecBio ELSOL NMPR3 is another bio-based replacement for NMP, with a versatile solvent blend for formulating, and an ideal solvency for paint, coatings, and ink formulations.

As an additional benefit of this product, custom blends are available to ensure you have a solvent which is ideally suited for your application and can perform optimally. View the entire list of product benefits and possible applications by clicking the button below.


Vertec Bio Solvents – Helping You Replace NMP and More

At Vertec Biosolvents, we want to improve your application process through sustainable and high performing bio-based solvents. When it comes to NMP formulations, not only can we help you choose safer options for both your workers and the planet, but we can also help you choose formulations and products which are just as effective and powerful as their petroleum counterparts. 

From NMP and on, wherever petroleum solvents are used, we can provide an alternative. Contact our team today to discuss your needs. We look forward to speaking with you.

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