Independent Test Report Ranks VertecBio Paint Line Flush Cleaners As Top Performers, Most Economical

Sun July 20, 2014

Independent Test Report Ranks VertecBio™ Paint Line Flush Cleaners As Top Performers, Most Economical

(Downers Grove, IL) An independent technical report prepared for the U.S. Air Force by NCI Information Systems, Inc. ranked two bio-based solvents by Vertec BioSolvents™, Inc.—VertecBio™ Citrus and VertecBio Gold™ -- as the best materials for paint line cleaning performance. 
The study first evaluated solvent products for paint gun cleaning. Thirty-three commercially available paint gun cleaners were selected. Through a screening test that involved physical characteristics, a subsequent test for cleaning performance and field testing at paint shops located at four Air Force bases, three products emerged as the best paint cleaners: VertecBio™ Citrus, VertecBio™ Gold and a product that contained glycol ethers and NMP, both considered hazardous. 

The best seven paint gun cleaners were also evaluated as paint line cleaners.  VertecBio™ Citrus and VertecBio™ Gold were rated as the top two materials for paint line flushing and considered to be the most economical.

Testing and Criteria For Evaluation
The purpose of the project, according to the report, was "to provide a definitive evaluation for determining the optimum choice of solvents best suited to Air Force requirements that can improve the environmental compliance in painting operations." Criteria for screening the products included low vapor pressure, low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), low odor, low toxicity and high flash point. Performance was based on the material’s ability to remove common coatings used by the Air Force. The materials were rated three ways: their ability to remove paint—was there a residual film; the ease of paint removal; and the characteristics of the cleaning material, such as odor, disposal requirements, supplemental cleaning and special equipment.

"We are very pleased with the results of this independent study. It has confirmed our own laboratory results and field results from our customers," said Jim Opre, president of Vertec BioSolvents™, Inc.

VertecBioTM Citrus
Combining heavy-duty cleaning with a pleasant citrus fragrance, VertecBio Citrus green solvent is effective on most polyurethanes, enamels, epoxies and UV curable coatings. It is also an excellent wipe solvent for cleaning without leaving a greasy residue. VertecBio Citrus is 100% biodegradable, non—ozone depleting, non-carcinogenic and non-corrosive. It is an EPA-approved SNAP (Significant New Alternative Policy Program) solvent and it does not contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or global warming compounds.

VertecBio™ Gold
A corn and soybean derived solvent, VertecBio™ Gold also meets the toughest health, safety and environmental regulations.  It does not require costly surfactants and there are no greasy residues common to most methyl soyate cleaners. It has low VOC, low vapor pressure, a flash point above 140 F, a high boiling point and high solvency power for removing resins, polymers and dyes. It also provides excellent lubricity, penetration and metal wetting characteristics.

For more details on the Final Technical Report of the paint line flush and paint gun cleaner evaluation, or for more information on Vertec Bio™ Citrus or VertecBio™ Gold, contact us at 630-960-0600, by fax at 630-960-0660, by e-mail at, or visit us at 

Vertec BioSolvents™ is a Downers Grove, Ill based manufacturer of bio-based solvents worldwide. 

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