Vertec BioSolvents, Inc. Introduces BioBased DLR to Replace Costly d-Limonene

Fri February 15, 2013

Vertec BioSolvents, Inc is excited to announce its new DLR blend, a low cost and environmentally friendly replacement for d-limonene. Biobased DLR has been formulated to have similar physical properties to that of d-limonene to be used in many applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional d-limonene.

VertecBio™ DLR is a biobased replacement for d-limonene made from green, carbon neutral, sustainable chemistry that is biodegradable. It is an EPA approved SNAP solvent that contains no HAPS, and no environmentally hazardous chemicals. It is a completely safe, non-toxic and non carcinogenic alternative to high priced d-limonene.

For additional information on VertecBio™ DLR, contact Jerry Vasek at (630) 960-0600 or visit

ABOUT Vertec BioSolvents, Inc. - Vertec BioSolvents Inc. is a unique technology and manufacturing company dedicated to providing bio-based, renewable resource alternatives to petroleum-based solvents, a business dedicated to "Green" chemistry. The company manufactures custom blends of biosolvents based primarily on four major ingredients – ethyl lactate, fatty acid methyl esters (soy methyl esters), natural terpines and ethanol for a variety of specialty applications in industrial and agricultural markets. 

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