5 Reasons Why Bio-Based Solvents Are Worth the Investment

Tue September 22, 2020

Recently, the demand for sustainable solvents has increased rapidly for several interesting applications. Paints and coatings are the most popular, accounting for 40% of the global green solvent market. However, there are still those who are hesitant to switch to bio-based solvents. Made from beets, sugars, corn, soybeans, and other products, bio-based solvents act as a replacement for petroleum-based solvents. In addition to working as effectively as their oil-based counterparts, bio-based solvents are also much safer to humans and the environment. Before you click away, you should know the five additional benefits to working with green chemistry alternatives. Let’s explore them together.

1.)   Bio-Based Solvents are Highly Effective

There are many great bio-based solvents currently on the market. One of the most powerful solvent products is Ethyl lactate. Due to its high boiling point, low vapor pressure, and low surface tension, this highly powerful solvent is ideal for many tasks. Formulations containing Ethyl lactate are perfect for coating wood, polystyrene, and metals. Additionally, they work as incredibly effective paint strippers and graffiti removers.

Experts in the industry value the cleaning power of other bio-based solvents as well. They can dissolve a wide range of polyurethane resins and are also highly effective at removing greases, oils, adhesives, and solid fuels.

In total, bio-based solvents are highly valuable to the industry as they have eliminated the need for harmful chlorinated solvents and other harmful solvents by working safely and effectively.

2.)   Bio-Based Solvents Do Not Release the Same High Numbers of Volatile Organic Compounds During Manufacturing

Petroleum-based solvents regularly release large amounts of harmful organic compounds into the atmosphere during manufacturing. Not only are these compounds harmful to the environment, they can also be toxic to the people who work with them or live near where they are being used. As a safer alternative, bio-based solvents again prove there is no better solution. Bio-based solvents release a smaller output of volatile organic compounds, making them safer for the environment and all those who live and work around it.

3.)   Bio-Based Solvents are Biodegradable

Bio-based solvents are biodegradable. In the chemical manufacturing industry, this is an extremely important indicator of overall quality.

For example, the inorganic insecticide DDT (which was banned by the US in 1972) has a half-life of up to 15 years in soil and 150 years in aquatic environments. Once that chemical is applied, it negatively impacts every aspect of the surrounding environment for many years, destroying local ecosystems and increasing the risk of people contracting health issues.

Bio-based solvent alternatives are quickly decomposed by bacteria and other living organisms. As a result, bio-based solvents are broken down into non-harmful components, making them a much more sustainable and wiser choice.  In fact, bio-based solvents are used at soil remediation sites to assist in cleaning contaminated soil.

4.)   Bio-Based Solvents Increase Worker Safety

People who work with your solvents are an important part of any business. Not only do you care about them as employees, but you care about them as people. Therefore, they deserve to be protected and work in a safe environment. Unfortunately, some petroleum-based products are harmful to people who work with them regularly. The importance of protecting your workers from the very real dangers of working with harmful oil-based solvents cannot be overstated.

5.)   Bio-Based Solvents: The Environmentally Friendly Option

Bio-based solvents are non-corrosive, show no links to causing cancer, are not listed on California Proposition 65, will not negatively impact the ozone layer of our atmosphere, and are non-HAPS and not SARA 313 listed. Essentially, bio-based solvents are:

  • Noncorrosive
  • Noncarcinogenic
  • Nonozone-depleting

All of which contribute to them being one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market.

Switch to Bio-Based Solvents with Vertec

At Vertec BioSolvents, we emphasize technology and sustainability to create bio-based solvents designed to outperform their petrochemical counterparts. We can help you incorporate bio-based solvents into your existing formulations to reduce your impact on the environment while never sacrificing quality.

If you’d like to talk with our team about the options available to you, you can either call us at 630.960.0600, or fill out our online contact form. In either case, we look forward to speaking with you and helping you experience the many benefits of working with bio-based solvents.

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