3 Environmentally Friendly Methods for Graffiti Removal

Tue December 8, 2020

bio-based graffiti removerBrick, concrete, cars, glass, and other surfaces are all prone to graffiti. As a result, there is always a need for graffiti removal. Even during the height of the Roman Empire, graffiti was a problem, and the modern world is no different. Found in every modern city across the world, governments, non-profits, property owners, and other organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on graffiti removal each year. But is there a safe, cost-effective way we can help remove graffiti and clean up the streets around our beloved cities? In this blog, Vertec explores three of the most effective methods for removing graffiti. Read on to learn more.

Pressure Washing

Although pressure washing is a common graffiti removal method, it is far from the most effective. The removal process wastes large quantities of water, especially when durable paint types have been used. Depending on the surface and location of the cleanup work, many graffiti removal contractors will still use this method. However, there are many more effective methods to try.


Those who are new to graffiti removal may see painting over graffiti as the best course of action. However, anyone who has spent any time doing such probably understands some of the pitfalls associated with this method.

While also widely used, paint tends to peel, bubble, and fade when exposed to the harsh elements of the outdoors, where most graffiti is found. What’s left over after this happens is a mess which many may see as even worse than the original graffiti work. To make the cover-up last, multiple coats and continuous maintenance must be used. Unfortunately, this may be one of the worst methods of graffiti removal available to clean up crews.

Chemical Removal

Chemical removal has recently undergone scrutiny due to concerns about environmental impact, damage to surfaces, and worker safety. While these are all true of many traditional chemical removal processes, there are safe bio solvent options which can be extremely effective while simultaneously negating many, if not all, of the negative impacts associated with traditional chemical removal of graffiti.

For example, VertecBio™ Gold is a biodegradable corn and soybean derived solvent used to remove spray paint and ink from all types of surfaces. Easily rinsed away with water and with a low volatility, this safe solvent alternative product is perhaps the best option available on the market for the removal of graffiti, ink, and more. It is completely safe, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic, making it the ideal solution for both worker safety and environmental protections.

The Future of Graffiti Removal with Vertec Biosolvents

At Vertec, we are fully committed to sustainable solvent technology, creating products which are designed to not only be safer than their petrochemical counterparts, but also even more effective. We believe that “environmentally friendly” and “high performing” need not be mutually exclusive, and we’re seeking to revolutionize the industry with every ethyl lactate, d-limonene, soy methyl ester or ethanol bio-based formulated  product we develop!

If you need a safer, more effective solution for your graffiti removal issues, Vertec’s Biosolvents are the answer. Contact our team today for more information on which product will be best for your application.

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